Monday, January 17, 2005

Rethinking Faith and Freedom

I was inspired to create this blog after watching the recent movie called Luther about the 16th century reformer played by Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love). Martin Luther, after seeing many abuses and misuses of religion in his day, rethought his faith and culture and helped restore Christianity to much of its original core and freedom. I hope to address many similar issues of our day where there is a need to rethink, restore, and perhaps even reform our ideas in the areas of faith, politics, culture, and sexuality. I have had to rethink issues in my life, sometimes a few times over, when confronted with new-found knowledge, facts, or truth, and some of these posts will describe such instances, while others will ask new questions or simply reinforce time-tested answers.

Luther was an independent thinker and I share that tendency. To all those who insist on thinking for themselves, I invite you to grab a mug of your favorite brew and hang-out in this Pub; share your comments, so that myself and others can learn from your experience, or just have a good read. Ironically, the day I post this is Martin Luther King day 2005, a time to honor another great independent thinker who also rethought and reformed the culture and freedoms of his day.


Nancy said...

I look forward to following your blog. I picked up the Martin Luther movie yesterday and can't wait to watch it. There are many modern day thinkers on issues of faith and religion who continue to challenge the masses. One of them is John Shelby Spong. His books entitled, "Why Christianity must change or die" and "Liberating the Gospels" (he has many other titles as well) are excellent reads. Religious institutions in 2005 are anything but modern. They ceased being relevant to free thinkers years ago. Unfortunately, these people exit the church one by one leaving more placid observers in the pews. Very little changes by following the status quo.

Michael said...

Nancy, I hope you enjoy the movie. Let me know what you think. I haven't read Spong but have heard of his books. I must check him out. My issue is finding open-minded authors who don't go to the other extreme. They become so open-minded their brain leaks out!! There are a number however, my favorites being Brennan Manning, William Countryman, and Darwin Chandler.

Nancy said...

I finally sat down and watched Luther. It is an excellent movie, and I'm sure it captured the spirit of the man...his passion, frustration and hope. I recognize those emotions from my own experience of trying to breathe change into a stale institution. Luther was able to create momentum by translating the bible into the language of the people. Germany's freedom from Rome was founded on the Word of God.

Today my experience of the divine cannot be bound between the pages of one book. I am finding freedom outside the walls of religious institutions. The challenge is to find a language that expresses my experience.

JohnBraun said...

TIE3KC write more, thanks.