Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Up From the Evolutionary Ooze

Hey, I got my letter from the post below (Would Darwin Really Have Loved It?) published in Time magazine! Here is the excerpt they printed under the title "Up from the Ooze":

Here we go again. One transitional animal is discovered and "presto," Darwinism is undeniable. Paleontologist Novacek says “Some people will never be convinced,” and conveniently ignores the growing non-creationist voices of variance. Fishapod could be a link or could be a strange animal like a platypus. Without a worldwide fossil record of continuous transformation, it is far from a slam dunk for Darwin’s theory in action.

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Davidjayjordan said...

True Michael, that evolutionists cling to any new hope that their theory will finnally have credibility. But they really don;t need it scientifically anymore because they have captured the scintific biological world with their luck and chance and faith religion of evolution. It makes no sense logically, mathematically, biologically or any other way, and yet they can now force it upon all students and demand that they conform to its dogma.

There are no transition forms when there should be millions of them and a continuous lineage of life according to the evolution god. For in truth, no system in a complex organism can vary without all systems varying together. They are dependant on each other, and so mistakes in DNA etc can not be the byuilding blocks of beneficial change.

To really progress spiritually, our brethren have to be firmly established in the power and CREATIVE ability of the Lord to create and do miracles.