Tuesday, December 31, 2013

VIDEO: 9 Theological Ideas You Should Question and Why - Part I

Have you ever questioned theological views of yours or others' faith tradition? Have you ever wondered if there is more to it than what pastors and religious leaders teach? Then listen to my "9 Theological Ideas You Should Question and Why" video based on my own journey coming out of evangelicalism into a faith more closely based on the biblical and historical evidence. In Part I, you'll get a glimpse of why you should question:

1) The Infallibility of the Bible - neither worship it nor trash it.
2) The Bible as a Self-Evident Rulebook - learn a more responsible way of using it.
3) The Modern Concept of Church - history teaches us "church" is not what most think it is.
4) The Notion of the "End Times" - where the "last days" really belong.


Desert Lily said...

Hi Michael. It's Dot McElrath. I knew you and Lori at Abundant Life way back when.

I saw your recent comment on SGM Survivors. I've been a reader (and sometime commenter) there for awhile. I'm Luna Moth. Haven't been too active on there recently, though, because I'm doing other things.

I look forward to having a look at your blog. I don't participate in a lot of discussion myself, online or otherwise, but I like to overhear it sometimes.

Greetings and best wishes to your family!


Dorothy McElrath (aka Dot)

Michael Camp said...

Wow, Dot, great to hear from you. I trust you, Tim, and the family are well. Yes, I visit SGM Survivors from time to time. A few years ago, I met some people there who were very familiar with ALCC.

I've evolved a lot since those days, so I hope you don't find my blog too shocking! :-) Do visit my website too: www.michaelcampbooks.com

Email me, as I'd love to reconnect further with you and Tim. michaelwcamp@comcast.net

Best... and thanks for reaching out!